TAG transcends culture, age, gender, race, politics + beyond.

Even long after childhoods become shadows in the bright light of adulthood, this game, one that no one needs to be taught, plays a huge role as we discover our identities + earnestly engage in the pursuit of careers + relationships – our own, unique definitions of success – literally chasing our dreams – for the rest of our lives.

This all started out as an austere labor of love, made over three years with a simple goal: make something to represent TAG in one of the world’s greatest libraries: the Library of Congress, which surprisingly had nothing in its archives on the game when this project began. That seemed like something that needed to be corrected.

Mission accomplished, thanks to all the kids + grownups from cultures around the world who graciously participated + made it a life experience I shall never forget. No small thing.

When asked how long a game of TAG takes to play, the average of more than a thousand answers was 21 minutes. So, that is the movie’s total running time.

Hearing challenges? Please turn Closed Captioning on/off by clicking the CC symbol near the bottom-right-corner of the video + choosing the captions. My apologies that these only exist in English at present.

Vision challenges? Click here for audio only.

Please enjoy. TAG, you’re it.